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By Chad
Robertsdale, AL
April 27, 2018
Great trap
First time using any dp trap and got a possum
ProsStrong trap
By Shane Huitt
April 12, 2018
Awesome trap
Already caught 20 coons an 1 opossum. Customers need to have the tool to make it a lot easier.
ProsCompact and is an awesome trap.
ConsHard to set without the tool
By Texas mom
San Antonio Texas
April 8, 2018
Great invention!
Back yard was plagued by raccoons, possums and skunks. This trap does them all!
ProsEasy to move around in setting different locations Best setting with recommended tool
ConsToo much rust in weather Does not have a quick release trigger...need to file with each setting Point to enter ground should be sharper
By Taige
, UT
March 28, 2018
Great trap
I bought this trap and it works perfectly ive cought many coons out of this trap.
By Bill
March 25, 2018
Better than cage traps
The Racoons around me have learned about cage traps, but this catches them.
ProsCatches and holds them, even the big bruisers.
ConsThe big ones can bend the clip while they try to pull their paw out. This makes it a little hard to release them since the clip won't open. That part should be made a little beefier.
By Hunter
March 22, 2018
There nice
They are very nice and well made.
ConsNo cons
By Cindy
March 9, 2018
Best Trap Ever
I love this dog proof trap, its the best I've ever used and it brings in the coons like no other
By Charles
Lily, KY
March 9, 2018
Great Product
Great trap once a coon gets in one they will not get out. The springs are very strong and do hold the coon very very well!!
By Christian
March 4, 2018
Works good
Like the duke thanking about trying the push pull z traps next year
By Gil Youngblood
February 23, 2018
Great product
Very sturdy, compact and easy to use.
Proscompact, very sturdy
By Austin Carter
Fredonia, Alabama
February 22, 2018
Duke Dog Proof Raccoon Trap
This worked great. Great quality and super fast trigger speed. With the help of the Bandit Bait, i am catching more coons and little to no damage to the coat
ProsEasy to use amd fast trigger speed.
By Ian
February 18, 2018
best trap
Best coon trap available its simple fast and easy to use
By Damon
, Louisiana
February 13, 2018
Great trap
Good trap for coons
By Clint
Cocran, GA
January 22, 2018
Hard to beat
Cant get better than this for raccoons.
ProsPrice, effective
By David
Evans, Georgia
January 21, 2018
Perfect, easy to use
Set this trap and caught coon in two days. Sucker was in there good too...he wasn't going anywhere.
By Sean Weaver
West Virginia
January 19, 2018
Coon trap
Got a nice coon first time I used it
By Jeffrey
Evansville, IN
January 14, 2018
Never miss
Best all around coon trap .This is the first time I tired to catch Raccoons . I as a boy always trapped muskrats I never had any luck with Raccoons but now I'm 60 and back in to trapping and leaning on YouTube with these traps you can't keep from catching coons. Thank you Fleming's for the best traps and prices .
By Lucas
December 22, 2017
They are great
I have tested out many types of dp's and this is my favorite type because of there poll trigger. It makes it nearly impossible to have a miss fire.
By Charlie
Mays Landing NJ
December 21, 2017
Awesome Trap
I'm just getting into trapping and did a little research on the dog proof traps and these worked like a charm for me! After doing my homework in the woods I set my traps and by the 3rd day I had 2 coons under my belt! They worked perfect!
ProsVery easy too set up and use. Great trap
By Drewswat
South Arkansas
December 20, 2017
Durable traps
I have used these traps for a few years now. Very durable compared to other brands. Best bang for your buck.
By Kevin E
December 14, 2017
Great DP
Ordered some of these Dukes and Fleming Traps provided great service. They even called me to confirm the order since my address wasnt correct on the order form.
ProsStrong spring, havent lost a coon yet.
ConsShined up with very first catch. However, thats to be expected with coons.
By James
Monroeville, AL
December 11, 2017
Great trap
Got a dozen of these last year. Good design, nice holds, easy to set, little to no damage on foot. I highly recommend these traps.
By Kate
December 4, 2017
coon trap
Great!! 5 for 5. A large screwdriver works great to set the trap.
ProsEasy to use
South Al
December 2, 2017
Big coon problem in rather developed area
Bought 6 Duke DP coon traps 3 weeks ago have caught 18 coons ranging from 7 lbs. to 20 lbs. Several had both front paws in the trap and the real greedy one had the right front paw in one trap and the left front paw in another trap
ProsAs long as you anchor the traps, they will not go anywhere. The setting tool is not a must, but sure makes things easier.
By Mike
Brevard, NC
November 23, 2017
Not only did it arrive before schedule but it works. The low price might throw you off but the product is sturdy and works! Might be ordering again soon!!
By Justin
November 4, 2017
So good at targeting coons....and of course opossum lol nice powder coating on the outside, get the setting tool!!
ProsHigh quality trap! Coons see these things sticking up and they check em out! Marshmallow stuck on the trigger will bring em in all day long!
ConsA tad difficult to set, but if you got the setting tool, there's no issue...GET THE TOOL!!
By Luke Snyder
Corsica, PA
September 4, 2017
Very effective
After losing a duck I set 3 duke dogproof traps baited with cat food and used shellfish oil on rim. The end result was 3 coons in 3 traps the first morning!
ProsQuick to set and very effective
By David
July 30, 2017
Fleming Coon Trap
I bought 6 traps , set out all 6 first night and caught 4 coons.... 2 of the traps were set 6 feet apart and both caught. Enough said ! Finally have a way to catch up on my coon population!!
By Mike
Bowling Green,KY
July 17, 2017
The traps works great and helped me eliminate the coons that moved into the area. I was able to catch 6 and 1 left missing a leg.
ProsThe traps do what they are advertised to do. Easy operation.
By Sharon
Spencer IN
July 9, 2017
Worked perfectly!
This trap caught the raccoon the very first night, where other live traps had failed. I bailed it with mini marshmallows, set it with the tool (very necessary), and chained it near his regular path. Thank-you for stopping a very destructive problem!
June 22, 2017
They work great !!! TEXAS RP
By Brian
Cullman, AL
June 3, 2017
Excellent trap
Easy to use. Very effective traps. I have roughly ten of them.
ProsQuick to set
By David Cross
Jefferson City,mo
June 2, 2017
The Trap does the job..
Caught a coon 45min after setting the trap around the chicken house. Its the first time i used the dog-proof trap,its a very good compact easy to use trap[Highly recommend it]..David C.
ConsNo cons for me...
By Cajuntec
San Antonio, TX
March 4, 2017
It just works! 5 raccoons in 3 traps in 2 days!
I "had" a raccoon problem. I took care of it with these traps. And if others show up, I'm prepared. Couple of pieces of dog food and some tropical fish flake food sprinkled on top = 5 raccoons caught in two days with 3 traps. Awesome product.
ProsEasy to use Easy to set (with tool) Holds onto them VERY well Cleans up easily
ConsWish they came with a tool. Or maybe in a package deal - buy 3 + a tool for only....
By Garrett Hamilton
February 3, 2017
Great Traps
love em put down 8 coons so far this year
By Cory
January 4, 2017
awesome traps!
No better traps for coons
ProsNo dogs or cats
By Jesse T
Sigel, Illinois
January 1, 2017
Awesome Trap...Great price
Traps arrived in great condition and we were ready to trap as soon as we put the tags on.
ProsEasy to set... Painted really well.... Great for kids to use.... Great Price.....
ConsShipping was a little slow but I'm No issues found with the traps...
By Chris "tater" Morgan
Sunset, Louisiana
December 30, 2016
Great product!
Fleming has all you need for success in the world of trapping, including traps of every size and make, scents, lures, dyes, wax, and...... yall show folks how to use it all. I loved the illustrations, drawings showing how to set the traps in the back of the Catalog. It's a one stop place for all I could possibly need.
ProsAwesome online and printed catalog, great selection.
By D
December 29, 2016
Seem great
All seem to be new and functioning properly. I haven't used them yet, I'm just responding to your request for a review. I set a few of them to test, all worked fine.
By Wally
November 1, 2016
No more live traps
Setting the trap is easy with the handy tool, easier than by hand. Much more reliable than live traps. Yes I do recommend them. I have not caught the first unwanted animal! I,e, house cats......
ProsSardines and oil work best on domesticated coons...
By Jess
Lenoir City, TN
October 28, 2016
Product exactly as advertised
The Duke Dog Proof works tripped traps--seven coons!
Prossturdy as advertised
By Farley
October 27, 2016
The trap works really well
The trap works really well, however the raccoons I caught tore the crap out of my lawn.
By Jeshua
October 26, 2016
They work
My coon population is decreasing almost every night!
ProsWork great
Brighton, MO
October 26, 2016
Great Product, Great Price!!
Works as advertised and is easy to set up and easy to remove game!
ProsEasy to use
By AGGIE '98
San Antonio, TX.
October 26, 2016
Best Raccoon Trap's Ever!
I had initially priced these traps at a big box store where they were nearly twice the price that of Flemings. I decided to pass and shopped online instead. Flemings had the most competitive price so I ordered twelve traps. The traps came in as expected and were exactly as advertised. I added some cabling to anchor the traps and set them later the next weekend. They were very easy to set, transportable, durable, and effective in catching raccoons. I have only set them on three different nights, but have caught eleven raccoons in total. I have already recommended Flemings and the Duke Dog Proof traps to all my friends and co-workers who are looking for an effective and efficient trap.
ProsSimple, effective, transportable (light weight and easy to carry to new locations), heavy-duty mechanism, low-cost.
ConsNot considered a con, but make sure to order the Dog Proof Set Tool as well. It makes setting the trap very easy!
By Jim G
October 26, 2016
Love them!
Excellent product, excellent service, and thanks for the Gospel!
By richard birrer
October 26, 2016
Great Trap
I am up to 1 coon using this remarkable trap. i have caught several of them with both paws in the trap. no misses.
By bob
spring, texas
October 26, 2016
Works great
Set it twice and got a hit each time. No more coons trying to get in my chicken coop!
By Lyle
Southern Uyah
October 26, 2016
Awsome Traps!!!!
I have never trapped Raccoons before but with the increase of them in my area I decided to give them a try. They have worked like a charm, I have only set 8 traps out so far, one trap sprung, one empty and 6 others that had raccoons in them. I really like that it wont catch cats and dogs and is so species specific. It will be the only trap I'll use for raccoons.
By Tom
October 26, 2016
Works as advertised
Easy to set,bate .works great,no misses.caught coon and skunks

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